LetsLaw – IT law, intellectual property rights and GDPR for startups

Ana Tévar, IP / IT lawyer, will explain the needs of digital business entrepreneurs when starting their projects.

LetsLaw – Legal ABC for startups and entrepreneurs

Carlos, head of Corporate Tax, will provide the basic knowledge that every entrepreneur should know in the early stages of their project.

LetsLaw – Tax implications for startups and entrepreneurs

Rocio Lorenzo, Head of Tax, will provide general knowledge that every entrepreneur should know in the early stages of their project regarding tax matters.

KPMG – Monetization of tax incentives for startups

We are organizing a webinar aimed at startups where Carlos Solans will explain how to monetize this incentive and thus obtain “free” funds for the development of projects.

NEOTEC – Mujeres Emprendedoras

We are organizing a webinar where Diego Oteo, Director at IplusF, will explain to all interested startups the key points, recommendations and how you can apply to NEOTEC call for Women Entrepreneurs.

BME Growth

Impulse4Women in collaboration with BME Growth organised a conference for all Spanish tech startups to explain how to prepare your startup to go public.

EIT Food EWA Networking

The EWA Networking Event had the aim to boost female entrepreneurship in Southern and Central-Eastern Europe.

Global StartupCities Summit

9 StartupCities showcased their startup ecosystems with the aim of exposing good practices and generating new business opportunities.

Event: International Day of Entrepreneurial Women

Pedro Sánchez closed the event on the occasion of the International Day of Entrepreneurial Women.

SME Assembly – European Commission

Together with the network of the SME Envoys, the assembly creates the governance structure of the small business act.

ENISA – Cámara de Comercio de Madrid

Impulse4Women organised an event to communicate the ENISA Digital Entrepeneurs line endowed with 51 million.

Vantaa – Global StartupCities Summit

Organized by Vantaan Kaupunki – Vanda stad – City of Vantaa Finland together with 6 cities Growth Ecosystems in collaboration with Global StartupCities and implemented by Impulse4Women.
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