Founders2founders talk

Founders2Founders Talk

Founders2Founders talk. An online event organized by Impulse4Women where successful female founders will be sharing their experiences and journeys to success.

Why boardrooms need more Women.

Why boardrooms need more Women? An online session with Melanie Whittaker on how to make boards more diverse and inclusive.

Learn how to leverage your feminine energy to succeed

How to leverage your feminine energy to succeed? Tilde Guajardo will discuss ways women founders and investors can leverage their authentic feminine energy to succeed in both business and life.

Roxana Nasoi – How to work in the digital economy?

Expert technology builder Roxana Nasoi will provide key insights on how to work remotely in the digital economy on November 23rd 2022. Join us !

Roxana Nasoi – How to Take Your Business into Web3

Expert technology builder Roxana Nasoi will provide key insights into the role of Web3 in business: Integrating NFTs, Metaverse, and DAOs in the lifecycle of your customers & business.

Fundraising Fundamentals for Start-Ups

Do you want to know business fundraising tips? Learn Amiram Porath's entrepreneur advice on startup fundraising.

“Pitching Like a Shark” – How to pitch to investors

Are you a startup? Learn how to pitch to investors with Audra Shallal.

Grow your business and build value through an IPO on Nasdaq

Are you a startup ready to be an IPO? Niclas Holmberg from Nasdaq can give you insight as to how you can launch an IPO.

The Difference between Digital Health Investment US vs Europe

Are you a startup in the health sector? Learn about digital health investment in the US and Europe.

What’s the EIC doing for Female Led Tech Entrepreneurs?

Are you looking for European Commission grants? Are you a female leader in technology? Rebeca de Sancho discusses business grants for female tech entrepreneurs and startup funding.

“Fundraising or OKR?” – Startups & Pitching to investors

Are you a startup looking for fundraising tips and business pitching tips? Oscar Ramos gives his top tips on startup fundraising and attracting investors.

Learn to Adapt and Thrive in Chaos

Do you need help navigating through chaos? Tilde Guajardo gives her tips for being adaptable, thriving and taking care of your mental health in times of stress and uncertainty.

Female Tech Entrepreneurs X Health and Food Challenges

Are you a female tech entrepreneur? Learn about sustainable development regarding health and food challenges with Natalia Olson.

How to build an IP Strategy for a startup

Are you a startup? Get help devising an IP strategy with Christine Orich.
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