Persistence in facing business challenges

Can your business adapt to stay above water in spite of challenges? Sarah Selhi discusses the difficulty of raising money, staying positive and persistent with her vision.

Humility as an Entrepreneur

Learn what it takes to be a female entrepreneur and the importance of humility and leaving her ego aside as an entrepreneur with Danielle Tichner.

Work Life Balance and Knowing When to Reset

Learn the importance of mental health at work and work-life balance with Roxana Nasoi.

Staying Motivated Despite Business Challenges of Entrepreneurship

Learn the importance of both personal and professional development and the psychology behind staying motivated as an entrepreneur with Ilana Milkes.

How to be a successful at sales

Learn what makes a good salesperson and discover top tips about focusing on the client’s needs, how you can help them, and what sales process you are dealing with Dana Wang.

Business mistakes and coming to entrepreneurship later – Success in Entrepreneurship

María Ángeles León discusses the importance of work collaboration with someone with different expertise and learning from them.

How to succesfully raise money

Learn how to successfully attract investors and raise money and the importance of backup plans and active listening when securing investment with people with differing interests with Olga Zinovyeva.

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