We help secure funding for female tech entrepreneurs.

We do this by connecting you with the right investors at the right stage of your business.

Impulse4Women aims to bring together female tech entrepreneurs and startup capital, to create a more inclusive, prosperous and equitable future.

We help your venture get the funding it needs to scale and grow.

We overcome the challenges of securing funding for female entrepreneurs by connecting you with our fast-growing network of investors. Here are the benefits of being part of the Impulse4Women community.



Our algorithm matches your business with relevant investors.

  Only connect with investors that have been verified by us.

  Find funding faster and focus on building your business.

  Stay updated about investment events around the world.

  Get feedback from international mentors and investors.

Attend a broad range of webinars.



For only €100 per year you get extra benefits like:

  Freemium Plan included.

   Connect with up to 20 investors a year.

   Free mentoring and pitching sessions.

   Gain exclusive access to investment events around the world.

   Be the first to know about upcoming events and training.

What other founders are saying

Isabel Hernández-Ruiz

«Active networking is vital to reaching our goals. The connections we have been able to foster through the Impulse4Women network have enabled us to have a more innovative mindset and gain valuable new insights.»

Anastasia Pash

“We were introduced to our first angel investor through Impulse4Women. It’s a great network, run by people who understand the specific pain points of female founders and provide valuable advice and resources.”

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