Story City

Transforming Streets into Adventures.

We create vibrant cities, turning them into places you interact with and explore, rather than just walk through. Story City is a platform and app for location-based storytelling, experiences that only open when you’re in the right spot.

An engagement & economic development solution for cities & brands that gamifies real-world locations

At Story City we transform streets into adventures by creating new ways for people to interact with cities via our marketplace and app for location-based storytelling. Whether it’s a real-life choose your adventure, puzzle trall or historical tale the story will only open if you’re in the right location. Our mission is to empower creators to make a career in the cities that they love by telling stories you can live.

Whether you’re a city trying to digitize & activate public spaces in an interactive COVID-safe way, a brand wanting to increase engagement & extend the life of your campaigns & events, or a non-profit trying to increase awareness & donations to your philanthropic activities. Story City empowers you to literally put the public in the shoes of your story as they explore real world locations.

Industry: Audiovisual/Gaming

Technology used: Virtual Reality

Business model: B2B/B2C

Funding status: Seed

Location: Canada

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