Personalized meal kits that make healthy eating easy and delightful.

We inspire people to easily follow sustainable and healthy way to eat deliciously. Try our meal kits.

Meal kits delivered with recipes

We chop the meat and cut the vegetables — prepared ingredients make the cooking 3 times faster.

Any meal can be done as fast as 15 minutes!

Delivered right to your doorstep.

You choose your favourite meals

Whether it’s a breakfast or a dinner, a meal for kids or for a gourmand – any option is available for you. Tastes differ and we know it: “vegan”, “lite”, “no spices”, “no onion”, and every other preference to be satisfied with your personal plans.

We prepare all the ingredients

You don’t have to chop onions, peel potatoes, and clean up the kitchen – all the routine is on us! We also make our own marinades and sauces to season all meals to perfection.

We deliver everything to your doorstep

Any day, any time – easily scheduled, easily rescheduled. Everything is delivered in refrigerators and kraft bags with minimum plastic exposure.

You cook for as little as 15 minutes

Meals of any complexity are done in 15 minutes. To be a chef but not for too long not to get exhausted. We prepare everything, you make the masterpiece.

And now you are free to go!

Spend time on everything you’ve dreamed of for so long 🙂

Industry: Foodtech

Technology: Foodtech

Business model: B2C

Funding status: Series A

Location: Russia

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