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Impulse4Women: Funding for Female-Led Startups

Impulse4Women's offers a full-service approach for female-led tech startups raising capital. We connect you with pre-screened investors, manage follow-ups, and design personalized marketing campaigns to highlight your project.

For Women Entrepreneurs

Elevate your startup with targeted presentations to secure funding from top investors

Custom Evaluation

Tailored analysis to position your startup for investor attraction.

Pitch Preparation

Sharpen your pitch to make a lasting impression.

Warm Intros

Introduction of startup to investors.

For Investors & Corporates

Explore a handpicked selection of women-led startups, carefully matched to your investment preferences, offering exclusive pitching sessions, diverse portfolio options, and a robust deal flow at no extra cost.

Free Startup DealFlow


Access a continuous stream of curated, high-quality startups at no cost, enhancing your investment pipeline with fresh opportunities.

Engage in corporate-targeted hackathons, where you can directly recruit top university talent solving real-time business problems live.

Networking Opportunities

Expand your network through exclusive events with founders, co-investors, and industry leaders.

Portfolio Diversification

Diversify your investment portfolio with innovative startups across a variety of sectors.

Pitching Sessions

Meet and listen to pitches from startups tailored to your investment criteria.

Upcoming Events

Niclas Holmberg

Head of Commercial Strategy at Vator Securities


Mastering Investor Relations

Transformative webinar designed for women founders to build strong relationships with investors. Learn effective communication strategies through to managing investor expectations. This session offers practical ideas and actionable tips to make the investor an ally in your entrepreneurial journey.

June 18, 2024 | 5pm CET

Startup Testimonials

Anastasia Pash.jpg

“We were introduced to our first angel investor through Impulse4Women. It’s a great network, run by people who understand the specific pain points of female founders and provide valuable advice and resources.”

Anastasia Pash | Globetrotter VR

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